Our Teams

We have a dedicated team of medical, dental and administrative staff who take great pride and ownership in their roles at the Free Clinic of Powhatan.
*Volunteer positions are marked with an asterisk.

Our Clinical Team

Dr. Jeffrey Dodd*

Medical Director

Staff Physician

Dr. Christopher Dietz*

Staff Physician

Dr. Dhiren Kumar* 

Staff Physician

Dr. James Schmitt*


Dr. Mario Gomez 

Nurse Practitioner

Funimola Idowu, NP 


Warren Seay, RN 

Staff Physician

Dr. Andy Kolb* 

Staff Physician

Dr. Donald Sanders*


Dr. Don Marsh* 


Susan Webb, LPC

Nurse Practitioner

Tina Fulcher, NP* 


Carol Layman, RN* 

Eva Ogunde

Case Manager

Our Dental Team

Dental Director

Dr. Will Perkinson*

Staff Dentist

Dr. Michael Kennedy

Staff Dentist

Dr. Sarah Sparks*

Staff Dentist

Dr. Alyssa Stout*

Dental Assistant

Jennifer Newland


Sharon Gorman, RDH*


Sharon Kessel, RDH* 


Christine Rodgers, RDH* 

Dental Coordinator 

Veronica Dickson 

Case Manager

Theresa Quinn, RN*

Our Administrative Team

Connie Moslow* 

Executive Director

Betty Berry* 

Melanie Bailey* 

Database Coordinator

Community Relations Director

Betsy Blandford*

Volunteer Coordinator

Elizabeth Forrest*

IT Coordinator

Amanda Schwend*

Pantry & Social Media Coordinator